Thursday, January 19, 2017

Calendars! Journals! And Lists! Oh my!

What do I do with all the LISTS that I've made?
• Things To-Do
• Goals
• Art Projects
• Art Festivals and Shows
• Riding Schedule
• Gardening
• Get a Passport
• Travel
• Write
• Make a To-Do list...

What do I do with all the CALENDARS?
• Riding Schedule
• Daily (4 of them in different rooms)
• Exercise and Nutrition
• Birthday, Anniversary, Events (the cornerstone of all calendars)
• Day Planner

• Personal Diary
• All things Chance (the horse) I plan to write a book. (see Lists)
• All things Rusty (the dog) I plan to write a book. (see above)
• Family
• Health and Weight journal
• Art. Art. Art. Art. ART.
• Writing
• Gratitude

On a mission to minimize: How do I get out of this endless loop of journaling, jotting down every emotion, listing upon listing? I need to get organized. All this stuff is weighing me down.

The answer?

So I did. Gone. Into the trash. Some of these lists and calendars are from four or five years ago. Kinda obsolete.  Right? Some went into a bonfire. Very therapeutic watching them waft away in smoke.

This is the only Personal Journal I have now.  I still keep track of Chance and Rusty in a small planner. I do need to be up to date on veterinary care, shoes, training schedules. I'll always have a pile of sketchbooks. Hey, I'm a very creative artist! But, for me, this is downsizing. 

It feels like there's more oxygen in the room now.

Friday, September 23, 2016

All My Stuff (Before)

Well. Here I go again.

Trying to get the house cleaned and de-cluttered. But, I have mostly been moving piles. Boxes full of magazines. Stacks of books. Half-finished projects shoved into boxes. Boxes stacked in chairs. Half the dining table piled with mail, newspaper clippings, recipes, a couple of books.


I'm posting this picture of a corner in the garage. It's the "before" photo to keep me honest. It's also a Start. It may take a while (it will definitely take some time!), but there will be an "after" photo. Making room. Organizing.  De-Cluttering. Donating. Dumping. Getting my shit together.

Making room for Nick.
Making room for my life without the heavy weight of all. this. stuff.

All of this stuff—this is the Beast.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday, August 27, 2010

new view

I am trying to see things from a different perspective. Kevin's job has changed and he travels more often. Rusty, the Good Collie is nearly two and has become a great velcro dog - always by my side. All good. But...
I don't do well with change.


So here's something consistent and magnificent. One of our amazing sunsets! That should take care of the blues. Replace them with warm oranges, reds and glorious rays of the sun, slowly setting in the west.
Happy Trails.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Art of the Garden

The Arts Council of Snohomish County (Everett, Washington) presents Art of the Garden.
July 8 — August 19th at the historic Monte Cristo Hotel Gallery.
Opening reception, Thursday, July 8th, 5pm to 8pm.
"Over 40 artists will showcase their work as part of this prolific offering of art created to enhance the garden and bring the garden into the home. Watercolors, pastels, glass, stone, sculpture and much more."

These bright, whimsical paintings are included:
They are the little trouble-makers. I have had to move the encaustic-making area in the garage to make room for good ventilation, fans and wide open doors. Oh yeah. The Beast in the Studio?
Toxic FUMES!

Part of the Peace Garden series, each 'tile' is 5" x 5" cedar with bead embellishment on the edges. The design is first drawn, then wood-burned and carved. Then some paint added and finally the encaustic.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Golden Boy

Living on the west side of Camano Island, we enjoy colorful, vibrant, intense, artistic sunsets.
Rusty lounges in the orange glow of the June 28th sunset. With Summer upon us, the amber glow of the sun extends well into the night. On clear nights, the sky sometimes retains a soft warm light well past the time of the sun setting.

Monday, May 31, 2010

more stuff

We have a Light Table! Used one before in the 'olden' days in a print shop for paste up and graphic design. Type was sent to an actual typesetter. This table is about 26" x 37" and even after sitting in a barn, it works just fine. (Thanks, Richard and Sascha) Nick and I have plans: making stencils, tracing, drawing, viewing...